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Search Suggestions for your WRIT 1001H Assignment

Topic 1

Search for books about traditional dictionaries in general, or about specific traditional or non-traditional dictionaries.  You don't need to restrict your search to books that compare them; you can search for books about one or the other and YOU do the comparison by bringing into your paper ideas from each type.

Search the Library Catalogue to find books in the library.  If you find a book you like but it's in the Bata Library, place a HOLD on it and it will be sent to the Durham Library for you.

Use an Advanced Library Catalogue search in the "Subject" field.  Useful subject headings might be:

english language lexicography
Oxford English Dictionary

Avoid searching the term "dictionaries", as that will find all the various dictionaries the library owns.  (There are over 3,000!)

Topic 2

Look for books that discuss language usage and differences by gender, social class, etc.

Suggested subject headings for books:

Language and languages
Language and languages - sex differences
Language and sex
Oral communication - Sex differences


About Books

When you look for books on a subject, think about broad topics.  Books normally cover a wider range of subjects, so the words you use to find them are more general.  Books are more likely to cover well-known information, as opposed to articles, which are short and specific, covering new information.

Find a book that looks like it might apply to your topic, then look through it to find a chapter or section that relates to your thesis.

Search the Library Catalogue for Books

Link to: Library Catalogue search or browse

Link to: Library Advanced Search

Search the Library Catalogue when you want to find books in the Trent Library.

  • There's an online tutorial available to tell you about the Library Catalogue.
  • Use a keyword search to find items on a topic.
  • To improve your results, use an "Advanced Search" and truncate your terms.

The Library uses Library of Congress Call Numbers to classify books.  If you want to browse shelves, you would find the section that covers your topic.  For example:

  • GN 301-674 is Social and Cultural Anthropology.
  • P 1-1091 is Philology and Linguistics.
  • PN 1-6790 is General Literature, but literature is also organized by country.
  • PR 1-9680 is English Literature.
  • PS 1-3626 is American Literature.
  • PS 8000-8599 is Canadian Literature.

About E-Books

The majority of our recent book purchases are e-books, available online through the library catalogue. A search of the Library Catalogue finds both physical and e-books.  Since the most recently added items are always at the top of your keyword search results, you'll usually find more e-books.

  • E-books are included in the Library Catalogue and can be found with any search. The record includes a link to the e-book.
  • To limit a search to e-books, use the Advanced Search option and change the location to "E-Book".

E-books purchased by libraries are different than those you purchase for personal use, because they need to be available to multiple users on multiple platforms.  Some restrictions on number of users, print options, and downloading are imposed by the publishers and are beyond our control.

NOTE: Avoid limiting your results to the Durham campus, as this eliminates all e-books (because they're not physically on campus).

Book and E-Book Suggestions