Business Administration


These tutorials may be helpful in understanding how to find books most effectively.

Search the Library Catalogue for Books

Call Number Range

When you want to find books in the Trent Library, search the Library Catalogue.

The LC Call Number range for Business is HD - HJ.

  • Rather than browsing that entire section, however, it's best to search the Library Catalogue by keyword for specific call numbers relevant to your topic and then see what's near them on the stacks
  • Not all items will be in one place, because many books cover more than one topic. 
  • Most new books are e-books, only available online - you'll only find these by searching Library Catalogue. They're not on the shelves.

Subject Headings

Although searching by subject heading is NOT usually the best way to start your research, knowing which headings are used for subjects helps you select appropriate keyword search terms.

Subject Headings given to Business resources are often very simple:

  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Accounting

There are over 250 items in the library under the general subject heading of "Management" and 200 for the term "Leadership". "Business" finds 5400, but "Business Administration" finds only 6. Start with a broad, general search and then look for ways to narrow it down.

Here are some sample specific subjects:

  • Social responsibility of business
  • Business ethics
  • Leadership in business
  • Decision making
  • Personnel management
  • Human capital
  • Corporate governance
  • Organizational change
  • Corporations
  • Finance
  • Financial statememts
  • Cash management

Be sure to try many different keyword searches and look at your results to help you think of other keywords to use.

Searchable E-Book Collections

A search the Library Cataogue finds all our books, including e-books. However, the catalogue doesn't provide much detail about each book.

These links connect to publishers' sites which provide Business e-books.  Searching here is often at a deeper level, finding your search terms in chapters or pages within the book.  You'll likely find more results in these sites.

Very Short Introductions, from Oxford University Press

See the Very Short Introductions series for Business books

From Oxford University Press, Very Short Introductions offer concise introductions to a diverse range of subject areas - a bridge between reference content and higher academic work. All titles provide introductions written by experts in the field who combine facts, analysis, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make challenging topics highly readable.

Individual Business titles are:

Sample Reference Books

Here is a sample of the kinds of online reference books you can find through the Library.  All these books are listed in the Library Catalogue, along with thousands more. The Library Catalogue provides a link to the e-book.