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Anthropology and Archaeology: Books

Help finding resources for your research.

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Not sure what to do?  See some help pages.  Take a few minutes to read a tutorial, so you understand the process.

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When you want to find books in the Trent Library, search the Library Catalogue. There's an online tutorial available to tell you about the Library Catalogue.

Use a keyword search to find items on a topic. For instance, to find books on "the development of language skills and its relationship to the culture of its people" you might search for "language and cultur$". To improve your results, use a "Power Search" and truncate your terms.

Terminology Notes:

  • The Library Catalogue uses LCSH (subject headings) in most records, to help identify items on a topic. The terms anthropology and archaeology are both subject headings, but they're very broad, so you'll want to combine them with another term. There are over 5800 items in the Library catalogue with the term anthropolog$.
  • The term antiquities is used for artifacts or specimens.
  • Possible search terms for human evolution:

fossil man
homo erectus
physical anthropology
fossil hominids
human skeleton.

Instead of trying to guess at a good subject heading, use a keyword search. Then look at the subjects applied to what you find.

If you find one good book on your topic, check the bibliography to find other material on the same subject.



The majority of our e-books are included in the Library Catalogue and can be found with any search. The record includes a link to the e-book.

  • To limit a search to e-books, use the Power Search option and change the location to "E-Book".

The following resources contain collections of e-books. Most offer the option to create an account for yourself and save books, as well as adding notations and highlighting. There is overlap between these collections, and you may find the same books in more than one place.  However, you may also find something not listed elsewhere.