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Anthropology and Archaeology: ANTH 2030

Help finding resources for your research.

ANTH 2030 Technology and Humanity Written Assignment

The written assignment for this class requires you to watch one of the following movies: Blade Runner, I, Robot, or V for Vendetta, research the topic associated with the watched movie, and present an anthropological discussion that examines how the technology presented in the movie impacts the behavioural, social, linguistic, and/or cultural aspects of the groups portrayed.

This Subject Guide lists all the Library resources you should need for your bibliography.  Since it's scholarly articles you want, click the tab for Articles. Under the "articles" tab you will find a list of databases relevant to Anthropology; the best database for this assignment is Academic Search Elite,  click on the link to access the database.

Under the Research Process tab you will find information and tutorials on Topic Development, Searching, Reading and Evaluating, Writing, and Citing. The resources under this tab will help you with all the various aspects of researching and writing your assignment.