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Subscription Review Initiative: Legal Resources

Product Description

LexisNexis Canada is a leading provider of information and services solutions to professionals in law firms, corporations, government and academic institutions.

LexisNexis Canada provides "Total Practice Solutions" that serve the changing needs of legal professionals and help them achieve excellence. LexisNexis® offerings include:

  • the Quicklaw® online legal research service;  
  • Butterworths print and CD-ROM titles and newspapers for legal, accounting and other professionals;
  • the Nexis® online news and business research service; and
  • solutions that serve the needs of law firms and other organizations in Practice Management, Client Development and Litigation Services.

 LexisNexis provides customers with access to five billion searchable documents from more than 40,000 legal, news and business sources.

LexisNexis Academic Plus is an educational database.  Quicklaw is used in legal practices.


We cancelled many print (hard-copy) legal resources, some of which were quite expensive.  See the list in box below.

A new subscription to LexisNexis Academic Plus is set to begin in January 2014

We also have a trial for HEINOnline until January 10.

These changes do not save any money, but they almost balance out.  The online database(s) should make the material more accessible.

Existing Resources and LexisNexis Option

The Trent Library purchases some legal material in print format.  We don't believe they're getting much use, and the staff time required to maintain them is considerable.  If we cancel them, it could cover the cost of most of a subscription to a LexisNexis database. 

Trials for LexisNexis Academic Plus and Quicklaw were available for the month of October, 2013.  We received almost no comment on whether you support this change. We decided to move ahead.

The following hard-copy legal resources have been cancelled.

  • Canada Statute Citator
  • Canadian Bar Review
  • Canadian Business Law Journal
  • Canadian Environmental Law
  • Canadian Environmental Law Reports
  • Consolidated Ontario Education Statutes and Regulations
  • Consolidated Native Law Statutes
  • Education Law Journal
  • Education Law Reporter
  • Employment Law: Solutions for the Canadian Workplace
  • Employment Standards Handbook
  • Environmental Law (Northwestern School of Law)
  • Federal Court Practice
  • Martin's Annual Criminal Code
  • Martin's Ontario Criminal Practice
  • Ontario Health & Safety Law Updates
  • Ontario Statute Citator
  • Osgood Hall Law Journal
  • Queen's Law Journal
  • Review of Constitutional Studies
  • Search & Seizure Law in Canada
  • Wrongful Dismissal

Know of other resources that could be replaced by one of the trial databases?  Please add your comments at the bottom of this box.

We need your help with this.  Please tell us:

  • What legal resource you currently use.
  • Whether the same material can be found in either LexisNexis or Quicklaw.
  • Which of the two databases is most effective for your use.  (We simply can't purchase both.)
  • Any valuable resource that's added to our collection with this product.

Send your thoughts to or post comments at the bottom of this box for a public conversation.