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A guide to the resources and search techniques of use to students taking ASCI courses.


Welcome to Research in the Bachelor of Arts & Science

On this guide you'll find links to valuable resources for your research, as well as tutorials and tips on improving your research.  Use the links in the left menu to navigate.

Getting Started

Getting Started

 When you're researching, the two most important things to remember are:

  1. Look in the RIGHT PLACE.
  2. Use the best SEARCH TERMS.

The "right place" means finding an appropriate database.  Before you start searching, you should know what you want to find.  The type of information you want determines where you look:

The search terms you select will affect what you find.

Plan where you want to search and what terms you will search for. The plan may change as you find results and learn from them.

Course textbooks and readings are often the best place to start. They provide background reading and often include a bibliography. Check to see what's already available for your course. The list of reference books under the "Books" tab may also offer helpful background reading and bibliographies.

We have a set of 3 online tutorials that will get you started with your research. You should read these tutorials before trying to do your research - it will save you time and frustration.